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My goal in DFS is simple. I want to be a winning player in the long term.

However, it is well known that long term winning in DFS is extremely hard to accomplish.

Roughly 5% of DFS players (maybe even less) are profitable in the long term.

In other words, winning DFS players are anomalies. If we wish to become an anomaly, we must first act like one by engaging in behavior that the other 95% are not doing.

Luckily, with the proper hard work and dedication, becoming a DFS anomaly can very well become your reality.

In this guide, I have provided 3 important steps that will give you a great shot at separating your game from the 95%!


Step 1: Study DFS outside of slate research

Study the game of DFS as much as possible!

It is the most beneficial thing you can do to advance your game and essential to your growth towards becoming a winning player.

I would bet that the top DFS players in the world spend at least 3x the amount of time studying DFS to perfect their craft than they do researching for a slate.

Now I get it, with a full-time job, school, or family commitments on top of DFS, there isn’t a lot of time that can be dedicated to studying.

The good news is that studying smart is way more effective than studying hard.

My favorite ways to study smart in DFS include:

There is a lot of uncertainty in DFS, but it is undisputed that winning players put in the study hours. Plain and simple.


Step 2: Surround yourself with other DFS players

Another great way to study DFS is to pick the brains of like-minded players who are dedicated to winning at DFS.

BtG has done a great job in its short existence by creating a community of players focused on winning.

DFS can feel very isolating at times, especially when you aren’t winning and having support to fall back on is a big advantage.

For the first three years of my DFS career, I did not know a single person who played DFS and had nobody to talk to. That all changed when I joined BtG. The power of the internet is truly underestimated and underutilized in this regard.

Engage on Twitter and join Discord and Slack channels! These are great places to reach out to other players! 😉


Step 3: Discipline and Patience

Although everything I mentioned above is massively important to becoming a winning player, it is useless without being disciplined and patient.

My largest shortcomings early in my DFS career resulted from poor bankroll management and a lack of patience.

Every slate I overextended myself to higher stakes that I shouldn’t have been playing because I wanted to win large amounts of money all at once instead of patiently building my bankroll.

With so many ways to lose in DFS don’t let discipline and patience be the cause of your downfall.

Contests below the $1 range are the softest in DFS and are great ways to build a bankroll when done correctly!

In my opinion, JG has the best bankroll management advice in the industry and he has talked about this at length in his videos. His advice completely changed my bankroll approach and showed me the discipline I needed to succeed.

Becoming a DFS anomaly takes a lot of hard work, discipline, and patience. If it were easy everyone would do it.

Be thankful it is hard, that way there’s more for us!

After you become a DFS anomaly, pay it forward and give back!

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