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**queue Deltron 3030 “Deltron 3030”**

It’s all sweat and lock in this day and age,

I’ll raid your grave, anything it takes to save the day.

Neuromancer, perfect blend of technology and magic,

Use my sheets and vlookups so you can all see the hazards.

It’s three thousand thirty, I want y’all to meet Deltron Zero



Welcome back! We left off with a little homework assignment.

We wanted you to find a quiet space to sit down and really think about what goes into your DFS process.

Write everything down, EVERYTHING – this includes sneaking away and making the most of your restroom breaks and opening your phone under the dinner table for late swap. 

This is what I wrote down before I started down my efficiency journey, does any of this sound similar?

  • I wake up in the morning and look at my lineups the night before while getting ready for work. How did I miss that play? Jeez, the winning GPP lineup looks so obvious. George Toutserton of DFS Galaxy Plays didn’t even mention these guys. 
  • In-between changing diapers and getting my kids ready for school, look at my DFS balance. How am I going to manage this
  • Listen to some morning shows on the drive to work. 
  • Go through some Slack/Discord chats and look at all the winning screenshots. How do they do it consistently? Either get motivated or get discouraged. 
  • Read articles, watch streams, look for plays of the day…repeat, during work hours. 
  • Listen to a stream on the way home from work, stop a few streets before daycare pickup and just park the car. Listen to some more streams before you go into the warzone, grab the kids. Turn on “Any Disney Movie You Can Think Of” in the minivan. The kids do not want to listen to Loughy, Adam, and Manny perform their amazing classic breakdown of the slate. Kids don’t know what they are missing. 
  • It’s 6:30 and I haven’t even made lineups yet, and we are heading into dinner time. 
  • “One sec – Daddy needs to take a bathroom break! Be right back!”
  • Rush to make lineups based on things I remembered throughout the day, head back to the dinner table. 
  • Finish dinner, check my lineups post lock. My core player is OUT. I missed the alerts. I hate you DFS Site! (because it’s their fault of course).
  • Wash, rinse, repeat…

That sounds STRESSFUL, I thought DFS was supposed to be fun?

Not sneakily making lineups and missing time with my family (and not being “present”).

I once heard a wise man say to treat DFS like your business and put yourself in the CEO seat. Corner office on the top floor, with great visibility. Once I wrote down my process, I was able to visibly see where I was missing the mark and just not prepared for a slate. Putting myself in the CEO seat, it was my job to create efficiencies and put the fun back into DFS. 

So, let’s go back to that framework from the first series…

  • Data Collection – All of the sports statistics and DFS ownership numbers that help you decide a play
  • Data Organization – The place where you write down your thoughts, or place them in a spreadsheet
  • Data Analysis – What information helps you decide on a particular play?
  • Reporting the Results – Do you color code your favorite plays? Do you rank players by number?
  • Application – Having the data ready to go for upload or entry and having a backup plan. 

Check back soon for the next article where we will start the first step, Data Collection, and take you to the next level!

As always, feel free to find me on Twitter @shami_rai with questions or if you need assistance with any of the content provided!


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