In this episode of the podcast, we sit down with Brian Hooper also know as Bric75 on all the Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) sites.

Brian is currently ranked in the top 10 and dominating across multiple sport. At the time of publishing, here is where he is ranked (from

  • Overall Ranking: 6
  • Tournament Player Of the Year Ranking: 10
  • Monthly Ranking: 7
  • Superheavyweight Ranking: 6
  • NFL Leaderboard: 15
  • MLB Leaderboard: 5
  • NBA Leaderboard: 7
  • NHL Leaderboard: 5
  • NASCAR Leaderboard: 62
  • PGA Leaderboard: 1
  • MMA Leaderboard: 12

Getting the opportunity to see down with one of the best in DFS is always awesome and Bric did not disappoint!

In this episode we discuss:

  • The motivation behind starting his YouTube Channel (
  • His journey from the front offices of independent minor league baseball to poker to DFS
  • How he deals with downswings
  • His thoughts on Bankroll Management
  • His best and worst DFS moments
  • Developing a DFS process
  • How to test a DFS process

He absolutely killed it and was a tremendous guest! We are thrilled to have had him on the podcast!

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