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I’ve always found DFS usernames interesting. Specifically, how they become a players’ online brand and identity, to such an extent that, in some cases, players around the daily fantasy industry aren’t even known by their real names. 

Usernames are unique because they are personalized by the player for a variety of reasons. Some names show off the player’s sense of humor. Others use it as a virtual mask to hide behind; like Condia and Saahil Sud did for years. My favorite examples are the players who didn’t put much thought into creating their usernames. They quickly registered with an old AOL username in the early days of DFS, only to regret it later on when DFS exploded. 

Side Note: If you are one of those people and are embarrassed by the username you used to talk to girls with on AIM (I was one of those guys), Draftkings allows a one-time only username change! Use it wisely! 😉

Regardless of the reason for a player’s username, each one has a story behind it and those stories can provide a glimpse to the player’s personality. My username is no different. It celebrates one of the teams which I allege my fandom to and the attitude I bring to all my DFS efforts. 

Around 2009, my interest in college football intensified, but being from Connecticut I didn’t have a local team worth rooting for. For years, I simply appreciated college football as a fan of the sport by watching games with no allegiance to any program. 

Around this time, I began playing the College Football Challenge on ESPN, where I’d set a lineup each week with my favorite players and no salary cap requirements. As you could imagine, the game was ridiculously easy because of this! Little did I know this would be my first taste of what would later become daily fantasy sports. Each week, during my analysis of the upcoming slate, I was always drawn to one team because of their extremely fast pace of play, high scoring offense, and game changing playmakers… Okay, and because their uniforms were :fire:! 

That team was the Fighting Ducks of the University of Oregon!

Electric playmakers like LaMichael James and Kenjon Barner in the up-tempo Chip Kelly system were must watch television and fantasy production gods! Kelly’s arrival in 2009 immediately took the program to the next level, making it all the way to the BCS National Championship game in only his second season as head coach. Kelly not only introduced a dynamic style of play, but ushered in a new culture of Oregon football with his mantra “Win the Day”.  

Like my favorite Duck players, I bought into the “Win the Day” culture and wanted to apply it to my DFS play when I started in 2016. After all, “winning the day” is the exact objective every DFS player sets out to accomplish! So, WINTHEDAY224 was born (“2” and “24” were my high school baseball and basketball numbers). 

But “Win the Day” wasn’t just an obvious reminder of the Oregon’s or my overarching objective. It was instead a code for the team and myself to live by and execute on a daily basis with the hopes of unlocking our god given potential. “Win the Day” was the reminder that excellence and discipline should be pursued in every daily endeavor no matter its perceived significance in order to achieve greatness. 

Every rep, play, and practice mattered for Oregon in the “Win the Day” era! 

Every matchup, study session, or slate mattered and continues to matter for my DFS pursuits!  

Everything that goes into your process and study sessions matter.

  • How you study MATTERS!
  • How you handle a downswing MATTERS!
  • How you manage your bankroll MATTERS!
  • Everything matters because in some way, shape, or form it impacts your performance, whether you perceive it to or not. 

The “Win the Day” culture made it very clear to me that in order to be successful you need some form of a mission statement that anchors every action and decision you make.

The culture that BtG is aiming to promote in the DFS industry is, “Iron Sharpens Iron”.

In other words, it is a culture where DFS players help one another hone their skills and reach their ultimate DFS goals together.

I urge you to find your code, create your personal DFS culture, live by it, and strive to Win the Day!

I’d love to hear the story behind your DFS username!

Comment below or find me on Twitter @TArduino and tell me about it! I love any excuse to chop it up with other DFS players!

After you build your identity and become a winning player, help Bridge the Gap give back!

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