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Today’s question comes from Matt.


Does playing 2 Centers from the same game make a lot of sense?

On DraftKings, I played Thomas Bryant from the Wiz and Vucevic last night in the same lineup.

I think part of what sparked the question is that I think Bryant will be matching up with Vooch almost all game long so I picture them being on the floor together probably 80-90% of the time.

If they are both going against each other and one is grabbing rebounds, that means the other is not? Thoughts?

Thanks, Matt


Great question.

Most rebounds are defensive and most centers punt the offensive rebound meaning if they’re not in a good offensive rebounding position, they’re going to start heading back down the court to get ready to play defense.

Playing 2 C’s against each other doesn’t make sense if one is a defensive stud like Embiid or one of them is prone to foul trouble like Whiteside going up against a good offensive center like Embiid.

Vuc doesn’t play much defense. In fact, no one on either of those teams plays much defense so we are looking at a nice paced up matchup potentially.

Bryant and Vuc are both good double double candidates. That’s what we want from our big men. When considering big men on DraftKings, I ask myself;

  • Can they double double?
  • Can they stay out of foul trouble?
  • Are they the type of player that can pick up a few assists, steals, or blocks?

If I can answer yes to those 3 questions,  then I qualify them solid plays and am fine with them in my lineups.

Embiid is the only center that will bring me caution but even then I don’t really go out of my way to avoid him especially if he’s playing on the 2nd night of a back to back.

Big men are a great way to go on DK especially with the multi-positional eligibility and the bonus for double-doubles.

I like the route you went and hope this helps you in the future!


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