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Today’s question comes from Liam.

Hi John,

I wondered if you had any thoughts about when a slate isn’t worth playing.

For example, I’m playing at the quarters level and I’m playing the main NHL slate tonight.

There’s also a night slate with this as the quarter arcade:

Obviously if I max it, coming top is only 8x. It seems like a contest that would be hard to turn a profit in.

How do you handle things like this, do you go less entries, just don’t play or?

Thanks, Liam


Great question. This is something I’ve struggled with in the past.

It comes down to one thing for me… getting as much volume as I can.

When looking at a contest like this, I always try to focus on “what do I get if I win?” before entering a contest.

If I have an edge and can 7x my entry, I will play it.

That contest structure isn’t great but you could also win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd kind of a thing.

In a sport like NHL, that is definitely a possibility!

If we’re able to pull that off, all of a sudden we’re looking at turning $5 into $85 which is 17x and certainly worth our time!

I always look at contests like this, the same way I look at satellites; they’re opportunities for good practice and having success in a contest like this can really help with your confidence.

The smaller fielded tournaments are easier to win and like they say, winning is contagious. Success breeds confidence, confidence breeds success.

The other factor is motivation. Sometimes we won’t feel it. We need to remember how important enthusiasm is in being successful at DFS.

When I am fired up and want to play, a contest like this would be fine for me.

If it’s a day where I’m not feeling it and the volume options are slim, I will just pass a slate or take the whole day off.

This was a great question, thanks for reaching out, and I hope this helps you get the clarity you were seeking!


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