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We love producing content. We have a great community and now it’s time to show the world what kind of an impact our group can make!

Now that we are off the ground, it’s time to give back, and you can get rewarded for doing so!

Earn benefits by making a donation donation to one of the chosen charities below. If you choose to contribute on the Patreon page, all proceeds will be evenly distributed to both of the charities. 

If you choose the Patreon option, please cancel after your benefit has been received so you’re not charged for a 2nd month. You can always sign up for an additional month if you’d like to get another benefit in the future.

Here’s who we’ll be supporting:
1. Fresno Rescue Mission, https://fresnorm.org/: Fresno Rescue Mission is a 501 (c)(3). Their mission is to glorify God by meeting the spiritual and physical needs of the least, the last and the lost in our community. Every day, 365 days a year we provide Emergency Services, nourishing meals, long term recovery programs and other services to homeless and hurting individuals and families in Fresno County.

2. Downtown Dog Rescue, https://downtowndogrescue.org/: Downtown Dog Rescue is an all volunteer run 501C3 nonprofit organization that believes in second chances for both dogs and people. We rescue dogs and provide services for low income pet owners in under served communities in Los Angeles County.

Ways to help out:
1. Donate to Fresno Rescue Mission here: https://fresnorm.org/donate:
2. Donate to Downtown Dog Rescue here: https://downtowndogrescue.org/donate/
3. Contribute here and all proceeds will be distributed evenly to both organizations!

How to get your benefit:
1. Email a receipt of your donation to alldayjg@yahoo.com and we will get your benefit out shortly thereafter!
2. Contribute through the Patreon page and we will get your benefit out shortly thereafter!