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I am very fortunate to be involved in the Bridge the Gap DFS community!

I have a Computer Science degree and work in a Data Solutions group performing predictive analytics, data modeling, reporting, automation, and assessments.

Three years ago, I found myself jumping into a Slack trying to learn more about DFS.

Upon seeing how my skills sets around data could correlate with my passion for sports, I jumped right in and started creating my own models and more importantly creating efficient process to automate my DFS tasks.

Providing visibility and predictions with data was and still is my style of leverage today.

In working with the Bridge the Gap DFS community, we found that there are a lot of opportunities for folks to learn the ins-and-outs of how technology can play a major role in their DFS tasks.

From automating the process of gathering data down to formatting a spreadsheet, everyone should get the opportunity to compete with the best.

Don’t let lock be your sweat!

My goal is to provide technology tidbits for the community. Whether complex or simple tasks, I am sure you will find something that can make your life just a little more efficient.

I am also open to one on one conversations around custom solutions that might work for your process!

You can catch me on Twitter, @shami_ra.

After you win money, help Bridge the Gap give back!

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