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Today’s question comes from Alex.

I want to start off by saying that I’m really enjoying your new website and all the content you are pumping out! I’ve had my eyes opened to a new way of playing DFS ever since stumbling upon you on YouTube and the 7 Habits video series. I’d like some advice on how you go about tackling multiple 20 max contests on DK vs. 150 max contests.

On Fantasy Cruncher, do you recommend running separate crunches for each 20 max contest or one Big Crunch?

Example: tonight I played 200 total lineups in $0.10 & $0.25 20 max contests and ran a crunch of 200 w/ a few core plays locked for 120 lineups. Then I created a value group with the top ten value plays for “at least 2” for the last 80 lineups.

Also, in your opinion, are projections the most important factor in NBA or is exposure % more important? Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated. Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to more video series on strategy within FantasyCruncher.


Thank you for the kind words, we are very excited about the site! We are glad that it is helping you get the progress you’re after!

Either option can work. I know players who do exactly what you’re thinking and have great success using it.

I do something a little different. I take kind of a hybrid approach.

Basically, I read an Awesemo article awhile back and tried to adopt what he does and make it my own.

My preferred method is approaching each slate as a “BUILD” and not a 20 max or a 3 max or a single entry or mini max, it’s just one slate to me. I talk more about it in this series. It’s a 5 part series that outlines what I do.

For NBA, projections are king. I’ve noticed the field has sharper projections this year than in year’s past.

I recently posted an article diving into what I’m doing to be different to offset the increased competition.

Right now I am using Awesemo’s projections as my baseline and trying to weather the early season variance.

I expect things to take off soon. There will be ups-and-downs of any DFS season and it usually takes about 6 weeks for me to get settled in and adjust from one season to the next. I anticipate this will be the same for NBA.

So if you’re feeling a little flustered early on, hang in there, you are not alone!

Hope this helps you get pointed in the right direction!


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